Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello and Welcome to The Buffalo History Gazette

       Just to introduce myself, my name is Jerry M. Malloy and I have always been interested and fascinated by historical events, people and technologies, especially those connected to the Western NY area.  For over two decades I have been bringing Buffalo's waterfront history to thousands of people through walking and boat tours, along with photographic lectures and displays at my parents famous historic restaurant,  The Harbor Inn on Ohio & Chicago St.

      Buffalo is so rich in stories, some well known but most hidden and forgotten except to the most ardent of researchers.  As editor and reporter of the Buffalo History Gazette, I will dig up the stories and events as they happened.  The stories will vary from the significant news of the day,  to snippets of every day life in and around the Buffalo area.  Even want ads, job postings of the day may find their way in.  Many inventions we take for granted and use every day got their birth right here in Buffalo.

      After interviewing hundreds of potential editors and reporters I decided I was best qualified for the jobs at hand.  Even though I don't pay much,  there is rich satisfaction in knowing these stories will be given their freedom from the confines of old newspapers and books they were trapped in for so long.  Blogging is a new frontier for me so the first few weeks or more will be in the experimental stage as I get the feel for it, so please be patient.  Not sure what exact format I will present this in at the moment, but when the moment comes, what will be will be!  So It's time to hit the streets, even though many may not even be there anymore. The editor is getting impatient. (Who hired him anyways?) Look for the First Edition soon at a computer near you!  Thank You

Editor - Jerry M. Malloy
Beat Reporter - Jerry M. Malloy


anne smith said...

I love it Jerry, I am going to link you to my blog.

Of course your blog already looks better than mine. deep sigh

Anonymous said...

Hey Jer: I think this will be a big hit with the history buffs. Judy

anne smith said...

more photos, more photos!!

Anonymous said...

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I'm undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to
new updates.

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Jerry M Malloy said...

I have a Twitter account but never use it. Was never really sure what to do with it. I do have a Facebook page at:

Frank Broughton said...

Glad to have found this site,,, reading it page by page from day one on, Thanks!