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Peace Bridge Dedication, August 7, 1927

"Prince of Wales, Dawes Pledge Abiding Peace"
Vice President Dawes Greeting Edward, Prince of Wales at center of Peace Bridge Just prior to Ribbon Cutting

American End of Bridge June 28, 1926         

Construction at the Bird Island Pier June 28, 1926

Peace Bridge late 1930s

Prince Edward and V. President Dawes Heading to Ceremonies on American Side
Prince Edward and Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin of England, Prince George.  
Prime Minister Baldwin was the first prime minister of Great Britain to visit this country 
during his term of office.

Milton J. Cross and Graham McNamee, announcers of the National Broadcasting Company, introduced the 
speakers, described the scenes and ceremonies which was  transmitted around the world.


   A great ceremony will be broad-cast today in honor of the peaceful relations of the United States and Great Britain, radio again proving its value to thousands who would be in spirit at the International Peace Bridge at Niagara Falls. Another international figure, the Prince of Wales, will be the main speaker today. Twenty-four stations have agreed, thus far, to broadcast the ceremonies in this country, starting at 3 P. M., Daylight Saving Time. WJZ and a great network will carry the voices and the music to the radio audience. 
    In addition to the Prince's speech, addresses will be made by Stanley Baldwin, Premier of Great Britain; Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada; Howard Ferguson, Prime Minister of Ontario; Lieut. Gov. Ross of Ontario, Vice President Charles G. Dawes, Secretary of State Frank B. Kellogg and Governor Alfred E. Smith. Music will be furnished by three military bands and a chorus of 200 voices, Graham McNamee and Milton J. Cross, announcers of the National Broadcasting Company, will introduce the speakers and describe the scenes and ceremonies before a microphone which will be connected by land wire to WJZ's transmitter.
  Transmitting simultaneously with WJZ, New York, will be WRC, Washington, D. C.; WEEI and WBZA, Boston; WBZ, Springfield, Mass., WJAR, Providence; WTAG, Worcester; WTIC, Hartford; WGR, Buffalo; WFI, Philadelphia; WCAE, Pittsburgh; WTAM, Cleveland; WWJ, Detroit; WGN and WMAQ, Chicago; KSD, t. Louis; WCCO, St. Paul; WDAF, Kansas City; WGY, Schenectady; WHAS, Louisville; WMC, Memphis; WSM, Nashville; WSB, Atlanta, and WHAM, Rochester. The event will be broadcast in Canada by CFRB and CKNC of Toronto, and other stations. (Ed. This was the first "round the world" radio broadcast ever attempted. It was heard as far away as Australia)

Edward Prince of Wales & brother Prince George
Edward Prince of Wales & brother Prince George

An estimated 100,000 people witnessed the Dedication
of the Peace Bridge. Speakers stand and gallery.
Vice President Dawes, Prince of Wales, Mrs. Dawes,
Prince George in speakers stand.
Vice President Charles Dawes in speakers stand.
  "What has been said of the relations or the English speaking peoples and what I am to say is but the verbal acknowledgement of  a common feeling, shared equally and alike by the Englishmen, Canadians and Americans who are gathered here. We speak the same language, we cherish the same ideals of citizenship, we hold a common principal in government,  of individual liberty under the law. 
  "The foundation of this great peace structure which we dedicate today rests  upon the firm bedrock of the Niagara, and the peace of  the English speaking peoples is as firmly based upon common instincts and ideals. The instinct of self-preservation—The most deep-seated of mankind—binds us together, and in that unbroken tie is that ultimate guarantee of the safety and progress of Western civilization. That bond will never break." (C. Dawes)
Edward, Prince of Wales 

To Seek Peace and Insure It, is First & Highest Duty—Prince 
sees in bridge symbol of maintenance of friendly contacts
between Canada and U. S.

  The address of the, Prince of Wales at the Peace bridge was brief but fitting. The Prince of Wales said:
"It gives me great pleasure to be present on the occasion of the formal dedication of this bridge which commemorates the peace which has happily endured between the British Empire and the United States for more than a century.
  "May this bridge be not only a physical and material link between Canada and the United States", but may it also be symbolical of the maintenance of their friendly contacts by those who live on both sides of this frontier; may it serve also as continual reminder to those who will use it, and to all at us, that to seek peace and insure it is the first and highest duty both of this generation and of those which are yet to come."
   The Prince was accorded an enthusiastic applause both when he arose to speak and when he concluded.  

Secretary of State Frank B. Kellogg

   "Dedication of the Peace Bridge marks another link between the United states and Canada which is symbolic of the ties of sympathy and interest between the British empire and Uncle Sam and will promote further intercourse and mutual acquaintance between the two nations." The President has commissioned me to extend to you a cordial welcome to the United States and to express his deep appreciation of your visit... "I consider it a great honor and a keen pleasure to participate in this celebration and to welcome to the United States such distinguished representatives of the British empire as His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the Premier of Canada."
  "This celebration is to dedicate another link between the Dominion of Canada and theUnited States. We believe it symbolic of the many ties of sympathy and interest between the British empire and the United States." (F.B. Kellogg)

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Following Movie of the Peace Bridge dedication 
is from Youtube 
Film is shot on 16mm by Joseph A. Albrecht Sr.
Music is Jelly Roll Morton - Victor Recordings


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The Victory Garden

Rooftop Victory Garden -- Mrs. Frances Malachowski tends to the plants in her 
Victory Garden on the roof of her home at 262 Ohio Street. In boxes and pans of
 all shapes and sizes she has raised carrots, beets, chives, onions, tomatoes, lettuce
 and beans, set off by a colorful array of flowers. (Photo Frank Schifferle C-E)

Courier-Express, September 5, 1943

Gossip About Gardens • • • 


   Customers at the White Front Restaurant in Ohio Street, have commented enthusiastically on the tasty additions to the fish fries served this summer by Mrs. Frances Malachowski, known lovingly to many Buffalo boys in the service as just "Ma." Parsley potatoes — fresh sliced tomatoes—hamburgers with home grown onions. "How do you do it," they ask. 

Roof Garden Produces 

   "My Victory Garden on our shed roof" is her quiet answer. And it's true. There are long boxes in which tomato plants reach from the floor level to the railing and blend their sturdy sterns into a second tier of boxes. These are gay with marigolds, petunias, balsam and other annuals which form a spot of color against the outlines of neighboring roofs and chimneyed skylines. Boxes, flats and pans of all sizes and shapes are producing their quota of carrots, beets, chives, parsley and onions. Even a squash vine clings to the roof supports and reaches for the ground. A monthly blooming rose bush in a tub was called to the writer's attention as the story was un-folded of the days in early spring when dirt was carried to the roof top and precious seeds planted "because we wanted to do our part, and we also like to grow things. Attention also was called, at the end of the visit, to a row of service flags along the wall behind the bar downstairs and to pictures of the boys in many branches of Uncle Sam's service.

  Victory Gardens were encouraged by the government during World War II to help offset the difficulty in getting produce to markets because of labor & transportation shortages, and to help people have more food for their families than the War rationing allowed. Nearly 20,000,000 Americans participated planting gardens in empty lots, backyards and even rooftops as my Grandmother did above, behind the White Front.